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Along the way, you really do meet some interesting people through sailing —  both on the water and off.  Here, I’m highlighting the creative work of people I admire, some of whom I have had the pleasure of sailing with, others whom I’ve met “ashore,” and others whose work I admire from afar.  Check out the cool stuff they are doing.

Sailing Newsletters, Websites, & Blogs

Sailing Speed and Smarts,The Newsletter of How-To Tips for Racing Sailors 
This newsletter is hands down the best thing for racing sailors I’ve ever read.  Really.  If you don’t subscribe, you’re absolutely missing out. (In fact, I like it so much, I also included it in my “book” section!)  Each issue follows a particular theme (sportsmanship, starts, downwind sailing – to name but a few) and is jam-packed with excellent information on that subject. Dave Dellenbaugh produces this, and I can’t stress enough how wonderful a resource it is.

Sailing World Magazine – “How To” section
This “How To” section is in every edition of Sailing World Magazine, and includes tips on boat speed, tactical use of the Racing Rules, and miscellaneous tips to improve your sailboat racing.  There’s always something great to take away, and, in fact, it’s usually the thing I read first when my magazine arrives in the mail!

The Tillerman’s Blog – “Proper Course”
The Tillerman has been writing for quite a while about his exploits as a Laser sailor – and lest you wonder why the sailor of a 1500-pound keelboat would be interested in what a Laser sailor might have to share,  let me just say that his posts are funny, insightful, and the topics are always timely.  Plus he is a really nice guy.  He has a great following – check it out – I  really think you’ll like it!

Saving Sailing: The Collected Writings of Nick Hayes
Nick Hayes is an advocate for community and family sailing.  This is a great website featuring his book Saving Sailing, as well as the articles that he has written for various sailing publications; his writings have begun an important dialog regarding the future of sailing.  Equally interesting to read are the comments that followers post.

Center of Effort – Boathandling, Tactics & Strategy of Sailboat Racing on Boston Harbor
Written by Judith Krimski, writer and blogger of all things one-design sailing, this blog has the best set of terrific visual explanations of rules and tactics I have seen anywhere.  Bar none.  After I read her post on Rule 18, I felt like an expert.  Judith is an intrepid Laser racer (what is it with all these Laser people, anyway?) and coach, not to mention rules guru.  Check out her site – you won’t want to miss it.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding
The oldest American sailboat builder in continuous production, Cape Cod Shipbuilding provides top quality boats, and their first rate construction and semi-custom sailboats are in great contrast with the mass-produced, lightweight sailboats built today. They are the builders of the fiberglass version of the Herreshoff Twelve, and own the original molds and patents from the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.  They also build Bullseyes and Shields, both very successful classes. They are located in Wareham, MA.

Doughdish, LLC
A division of Ballentine’s Boat Shop, in Cataumet, MA, Doughdish, LLC is the builder of the fiberglass reproduction of the Herreshoff Twelve – known as “the Doughdish.”  They do absolutely amazing work, and I know first-hand, as Tiger Tale has undergone extensive and complicated repairs in their shop.  She came out looking like a better than brand new boat! They restore and maintain boats, as well, including some of the oldest wooden Herreshoff Twelves, some of which are now 100 years old.

Harding Sails
Harding Sails, of Marion, MA, has made sails for many of the one-design classes on today’s race courses, and their sails have won both races and regattas. The same quality and workmanship goes into their one-design sails as in their well known high performance racing sails. Harding consistently updates their designs to improve speed and performance  — from big boat class sails to dinghy classes, Harding Sails is a great source for one-design.  Several of our Herreshoff Twelves sail with Harding Sails!

Sperry Sails
Sperry Sails is located in Marion, MA, and makes excellent sails for all kinds of boats.  Their sail loft, in good new England tradition, is a post and beam barn. With its large barn doors, high ceiling, open gables and wrap around mezzanine, it is an inspiring environment for a talented and creative crew.  They have been making sails for our Herreshoff fleet at Beverly Yacht Club, and, as I write this, they are making new sails for me for Tiger Tale.  Can’t wait.


Anne T. Converse Photography
Anne’s photographs of sailing regattas and thoroughbred horses are magical.  And yes, Annie is THE Annie of Team Dodici. . .

Northwest Twenty/Tyler Fields Photography
Tyler’s photographs of sailing and boats (especially H-12s!) are amazing.  But the photos of his “Hound” are the absolute best.


Island Creek Oysters
My brother, Skip, is the owner of this amazing oyster farm.  They are doing incredible work, and having a lot of fun doing it!  Check out their site, and be prepared to be inspired.  Did you know that you can even sign up for a day on the farm? How cool is that?

Dan’s Two Things
My friend, Dan, writes a great blog, always thoughtful, always, as he says: “Just two things. . .”

Eileen Lonergan Web Design
My friend, Eileen, designs websites and is a social media goddess.  She’s responsible for the website magic you see here on Take the Tiller.  I’d be lost without her!

New England Conservatory of Music
My alma mater.  I’m so proud of this school and all that the unblievably talented students there are motivated to accomplish.  I learned at NEC about motivation, practice, mindset, goal setting – all of which have helped me become a better sailor.  Check out the amazing music they are making, and the wonderful things they do to make the world a better place.

Created by my friend, and master cellist, Paul Katz, this is your online resource for all things cello-related.  I’m not even a cellist, but I love looking at all the inspirational things posted on CelloBello’s blog.  I’m particularly following their postings on sports/musical training.  Great stuff, and it supports what I’ve been writing about improving your sailing game.

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